b. 1986, HK.



Kaitlin Scott is a filmmaker that creates content that speaks to authenticity. Having collaborated closely with musicians, creative directors, fashion brands, corporate companies, and fellow indie filmmakers, she’s passionate about the process of creativity regardless of scope.

After studying Fashion Design in Texas and Design Process in Paris, Kaitlin began working with costume designers on short films and theater productions, where she was able to see behind the curtain of the production world and gain her first experiences on set. Captivated by the energy and pace of production, she gradually found herself pursuing her own film projects, where she wrote and produced her own work. When she moved to New York in 2016, she began collaborating with other filmmakers, musicians, and fashion companies, focusing on the process of visual storytelling through various mediums.

Now living in New York City, she is focused on producing and directing full time. Her work displays a mixture of influences; a textural warmth from her hometown paired with the grit and vibrancy of her current residence in Brooklyn. The attention to detail that she gained with her design degree has undoubtedly influenced her eye for color, texture, and visual structure in her film work.

Her recent projects as a director include commercials for the Seaport District in NYC, as well as short films, The Last Two, Olivia, Some Time After, and The Waiting Game. She has also directed music videos for Nashville based artist, Davie, creating visuals for tracks, Your Love’s a Vibe, Celebrate, Faith, and Oceans. Kaitlin has also enjoyed working with talented, female artists, Caitlin Mahoney, directing music videos for Burn the Book and Minute as well as artist, Katy Rea, directing music videos for Same Kind of Woman and Actress.

Kaitlin is currently completing production on her feature directorial debut, titled Central Standard.

INSTAGRAM: @kaitlinscott

EMAIL: kaitlin.t.scott@gmail.com